Monday, June 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Artist Denise Nickey is making her Manhattan debut and is Bound by F with 3 encaustic paintings

Fascination by Denise Nickey

Denise Nickey is Bound by F with 3 fantastic encaustic paintings.

Denise shares -

"I am an emerging artist with an open mind and expanding heart presence. I love to explore the unknown, create new colors, shapes and ways of expressing myself. I started experimenting with Encaustic wax and fell in love with the medium. My creations are divinely guided and self taught.
What I love about working with this medium is the unpredictable journey it takes me on with every painting I create. It starts with just being present with no agenda. When I start to work with the wax the colors come alive and begin to swirl, blend and express themselves. My collection has a variety of soft curves, hand carved and in some cases hand scraped exposing its core energy. The emotions that are invoked in me are as unique as each original piece. It is a form of meditation by which I can explore and express without boundaries.

Art reconnects you with your soul.
Art allows you to open new doorways and explore new worlds.

Art speaks to your soul and it allows you to be fully present in the moment."



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