Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mary Beth Brath Is Bound by F With Famous - Sharing Her Tribute To Paul Simon - The Painting Contains 24 Symbols Related To Simon's Career - The Scene Is Set In New York City

Paul Simon Tribute
36x48" Acrylic On Canvas
By Mary Beth Brath

Finding inspiration was not difficult. The difficult part was confining the ideas to one cohesive image. The scene is set in New York City.

The Dakota Building is shown as a silhouette for small framed canvases that depict the Grammy Awards, Questions For The Angels, The Gershwin Award, "God keeps his eye on us all" and "...all of the colors were black" from My Little Town, Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War with a background from I Do It For Your Love "the sky was yellow and the grass was grey", Under African Skies along with the tall drum that reminds me of the You Can Call Me Al video with Chevy Chase.

The next building is Madison Square Garden. Each panel depicts one of his albums. From left – “Paul Simon”, “There Goes Rythmin' Simon”, “Live Rythmin'”, “Still Crazy”, “One Trick Pony”, “Graceland”, “Rhythm of the Saints”, “You're The One”, “Surprise” and “So Beautiful”. “The Complete Collection” is on the main panel to show the present time, the next panel is grey with a few yellow stripes representing the collaboration with Sting. The last panel has the letters TBA.

Paul's guitar is floating in the river on a platform similar to the Statue of Liberty's platform. People are coming from across the river and into Central Park to attend a Neighborhood Concert. Notice the tiny dab of red paint in the middle of the stage to represent Paul's red ball cap.

Here’s To You Paul Simon!  -

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