Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another F Series Poem Steven "Fritz" Weiss

Here's the second installment in my F Series Poems written just for this exhibition.
I will read a selection of poems from this series on Saturday June 26th at 2 P.M. followed with an Open Mike for all that wish to share their written words and poetry.

In the key of F
Ever in Falsetto a softened response
Always melodious and smooth as velvet crème
In The Key of F
Descends the baritone responding in vocal timber
Low and cool
Viscous with plenty of reverb.
In the Key of F
A Piccatta of note-play strutting in apparent display
All in color that appears to be descending
Off - scale in sharp reflections
Denoted and almost out of control.
In the Key of F
A sonata belle fresh
In sequence an almost delicate repast of perfectly timed silence
In sequence the pause
In tension the vibrato
As it resonates enveloping in a simple embrace - sounding
At minimum compromised yet essentially complete in and of itself
A French Horn in spoken form - sounding
Implies balance and movement in time - sounding
Tonal sequence followed with a floral infusion - sounding
A multi - keyed fragrance
Yet Succulent
Still Sublime
In the Key of F
Fritz (Steven) Weiss

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