Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mary Beth Brath Is Bound by F With Famous - Sharing Her Tribute To Paul Simon - The Painting Contains 24 Symbols Related To Simon's Career - The Scene Is Set In New York City

Paul Simon Tribute
36x48" Acrylic On Canvas
By Mary Beth Brath

Finding inspiration was not difficult. The difficult part was confining the ideas to one cohesive image. The scene is set in New York City.

The Dakota Building is shown as a silhouette for small framed canvases that depict the Grammy Awards, Questions For The Angels, The Gershwin Award, "God keeps his eye on us all" and "...all of the colors were black" from My Little Town, Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War with a background from I Do It For Your Love "the sky was yellow and the grass was grey", Under African Skies along with the tall drum that reminds me of the You Can Call Me Al video with Chevy Chase.

The next building is Madison Square Garden. Each panel depicts one of his albums. From left – “Paul Simon”, “There Goes Rythmin' Simon”, “Live Rythmin'”, “Still Crazy”, “One Trick Pony”, “Graceland”, “Rhythm of the Saints”, “You're The One”, “Surprise” and “So Beautiful”. “The Complete Collection” is on the main panel to show the present time, the next panel is grey with a few yellow stripes representing the collaboration with Sting. The last panel has the letters TBA.

Paul's guitar is floating in the river on a platform similar to the Statue of Liberty's platform. People are coming from across the river and into Central Park to attend a Neighborhood Concert. Notice the tiny dab of red paint in the middle of the stage to represent Paul's red ball cap.

Here’s To You Paul Simon!  -

Monday, June 9, 2014

Brownyn Hughes Is Bound By F With A Flow Painting Titled Facebook

facebook by Brownyn Hughes
Brownyn's piece is a huge giclee on canvas and is the only print in the exhibit. The original is already in a private collection and was created by using the flow painting technique on glass.

Patricia A. Griffin is Bound by F with 5 Oil Paintings Of Painterly Fur

Lady Mononomy by Patricia A. Griffin
Five large painterly oil paintings of fantastic animals. Patricia A. Griffin is known across the country for her large colorful animal portraits. The artist is from the Pocono area of Pennsylvania.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another F Series Poem Steven "Fritz" Weiss

Here's the second installment in my F Series Poems written just for this exhibition.
I will read a selection of poems from this series on Saturday June 26th at 2 P.M. followed with an Open Mike for all that wish to share their written words and poetry.

In the key of F
Ever in Falsetto a softened response
Always melodious and smooth as velvet crème
In The Key of F
Descends the baritone responding in vocal timber
Low and cool
Viscous with plenty of reverb.
In the Key of F
A Piccatta of note-play strutting in apparent display
All in color that appears to be descending
Off - scale in sharp reflections
Denoted and almost out of control.
In the Key of F
A sonata belle fresh
In sequence an almost delicate repast of perfectly timed silence
In sequence the pause
In tension the vibrato
As it resonates enveloping in a simple embrace - sounding
At minimum compromised yet essentially complete in and of itself
A French Horn in spoken form - sounding
Implies balance and movement in time - sounding
Tonal sequence followed with a floral infusion - sounding
A multi - keyed fragrance
Yet Succulent
Still Sublime
In the Key of F
Fritz (Steven) Weiss

Thursday, June 5, 2014

NYC Photographer William Loeb Is Exhibiting 3 Pieces In Bound By F

Summer by William Loeb

William A. Loeb is a digital photographer living in Brooklyn.  He has exhibited at various venues in New York City.

Visit William's website at

Nationally Known Artist Thom Glace Is Bound By F With Fish - See His Work At New Century Artists In Manhattan

Chain Pickerel by Thom Glace

Thom Glace is exhibiting 3 detailed portraits of Fish in the Bound by F exhibit. Thom has gained national attention for his exquisite watercolors of Fish.

Visit Thom's website at .

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bound By F Poem By Fritz (Steven) Weiss

A Poetry Reading by Fritz (Steven) Weiss with theme based poems written for this exhibition, followed with Open Mike
Saturday June 26th staring at 2 P.M. 

This is one of the 20 poems that I have written about the theme of our exhibition: I will posting most of them during the exhibition.
I will read many of them at New Century Artists Gallery on Saturday June 26th at 2 P.M. and invite any who wish to read and share their poetry with an open mike following my reading.

Bound By F

The Journey begins again as it always does flowing ebb and tide on-word
Fractured jettys lay to starboard
shards of  fractal dreams
founding colonies of the future in folded dreamscapes
The journey continues:
Flouncing in the fluted gusts
swinging north by northwest
Then hard to port a field dazzled by flying fish
Filling the parable blue on blue, swinging  betwixt sky and sea
A fraction that is equal in parts fantasy and fiction
The journey continues:
The flismy dance cluttered in free form, clouded in parlence free speaking
uniquely fluent, formal thought paths in frayed logic
Framed thought parts
Featured yet fixed in sequence
Foot Stomping
Foot Resting
Frenzied almost Frantic
Floorboards short of creaking
F Sharp in crescendo
Swinging and swaying
Then frequency almost alternating
Between when and forever
Forward to Flight  - then Free Form

Fritz (Steven) Weiss

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Frederick Swarr Is Making His NYC Debut In Bound BY F With 6 Mixed Media Pieces Depicting Famous People

Poker Face
Frederick Swarr is from Mount Gretna Pennsylvania where he is a well established artist. He is making his NYC debut in the Bound by F exhibit. His work is a must see. Your eye will continue to move around the canvas and discover new delights. psst...even Jesus Christ is depicted in his Bound by F entries...don't miss it.

New York Artist Barbara Habenstreit Will Be Exhibiting 6 Photographs In The Bound By F Exhibit

The Dancing Redhead by Barbara Habenstreit

Barbara Habenstreit will be exhibiting 6 abstract photographs in the Bound by F exhibit.

Visit her website at

Willie Chu And Robin George Will Exhibit 3 Photographs In Bound by F With Fantasy

Papillon by Willie Chu and Robin George

Willie Chu is an accomplished and respected Staten Island artist who has exhibited widely and received numerous awards and grants for his photography. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Willie has experience with commercial, editorial, and fine art photography.

Robin S. George, photographer and graphic designer, studied at FIT, NYC. Robin was an on-set and on-location photographer for a network daytime drama and has held positions in the commercial photographic industry and as a photojournalist for a NY daily newspaper. Because of her ability to connect with people, she produces work that is natural, candid, and authentic.

Susan Benigni Landis Is Bound By F With 3 Oil Paintings Depicting Fog Lifting Over The Forests And Flowing Rivers of Pennsylvania

Montgomery Fog Lifting
Susan Benigni Landis resides in South Central Pennsylvania. Known for her bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors; the artist captures the essence of the landscape while painting "plein air". Fog is a common occurrence for Susan as she enjoys early morning painting on location. Landis has 3 gorgeous landscapes in the Bound by F exhibit.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Artist Denise Nickey is making her Manhattan debut and is Bound by F with 3 encaustic paintings

Fascination by Denise Nickey

Denise Nickey is Bound by F with 3 fantastic encaustic paintings.

Denise shares -

"I am an emerging artist with an open mind and expanding heart presence. I love to explore the unknown, create new colors, shapes and ways of expressing myself. I started experimenting with Encaustic wax and fell in love with the medium. My creations are divinely guided and self taught.
What I love about working with this medium is the unpredictable journey it takes me on with every painting I create. It starts with just being present with no agenda. When I start to work with the wax the colors come alive and begin to swirl, blend and express themselves. My collection has a variety of soft curves, hand carved and in some cases hand scraped exposing its core energy. The emotions that are invoked in me are as unique as each original piece. It is a form of meditation by which I can explore and express without boundaries.

Art reconnects you with your soul.
Art allows you to open new doorways and explore new worlds.

Art speaks to your soul and it allows you to be fully present in the moment."



Fern Metcalf is Bound by F with Feathers at New Century Artists Gallery in Manhattan

New York City photographer Fern Metcalf will be exhibiting 3 powerful images in the Bound by F exhibit. Image shown in this post is "Pow Wow Chief".
"I like to work mainly with digital photography, words and beads.  Memory is a constant theme in my work; memory and time are always main characters.  With photography I try to merge  images of past traditions with present living conditions to evoke memory.  We live claimed by what we have experienced and what we dream about.   What we remember and how we remember; what we think and how we think plays a key part in what we believe is possible.  My starting point is always recognition of the past." - Fern Metcalf - as stated on Curate NYC.