Monday, April 7, 2014

Bound by F Contemporary Art Exhibit - In The Heart Of The Chelsea Arts District of Manhattan In June 2014

New Century Artists Gallery
June 10th - July 5th, 2014
Bound by F

Approximately 20 Artists from New York and Pennsylvania. Different styles. Different mediums. Emerging. Mid-career. Established. Bound together by the letter "F".

Fused Glass
All Fabulous


  1. Bound By F
    The Journey begins again as it always does flowing ebb and tide onword
    Fractured jettys lay to starboard
    shards of fractal dreams
    founding colonies of the future in folded dreamscapes
    The journey continues:
    Flouncing in the fluted gusts
    swinging north by northwest
    Then hard to port a field dazzled by flying fish
    Filling the parable blue on blue, swinging betwixt sky and sea
    A fraction that is equal in parts fantasy and fiction
    The journey continues:
    The flismy dance cluttered in free form, clouded in parlence free speaking
    uniquely fluent, formal thought paths in frayed logic
    Framed thought parts
    Featured yet fixed in sequence
    Foot Stomping
    Foot Resting
    Frenzied almost Frantic
    Floorboards short of creaking
    F Sharp in crescendo
    Swinging and swaying
    Then frequency almost alternating
    Between when and forever
    Forward to Flight - then Free Form

  2. I am writing Bound by F poems and will schedule a reading at new Century followed with an open reading.